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The Problem & The Solution

Every lab knows that nasty smell from crud and plaque buildup on dentures or other removable appliances.

Save yourself the time and aggravation of repeatedly having to grind it all off by coating all appliances before they go out the door. When they return – VOILA! – residue easily slides off by simply brushing them under running water. You’ll be surprised how much time you save and how happy you’ll be that the unpleasant task of grinding off smelly debris is a thing of the past!

DentaSEAL Appliance (single-use applicator for pre-owned appliances) and DentaSEAL Appliance Multi (multi-use applicator for new appliances) is a specially processed silico-polymer that quickly coats any substrate (natural or synthetic material) to create a non-stick, very slick protective surface. Food, debris and stains are repelled while bacterial buildup is greatly reduced.

Applying DentaSEAL is a very quick process – just Dry, Apply, Wipe and you’re done. It’s extremely durable with no flaking or peeling. Apply once a year or when you see buildup occurring again.

If you want to make yourself, your customers and their patients happy, use DentaSEAL on all appliances coming through your lab.

*Use DentaSEAL Appliance for appliances that have already been placed in patients – single use only. Covers two denture plates.
*Use DentaSEAL Appliance Multi ONLY on new products to avoid cross-contamination. Covers multiple products (4 denture plates or the equivalent in retainers, aligners, etc.)

NOTE: DentaSEAL products should never be applied to surfaces that will have a bonding agent or cement applied. Call with questions – 800-603-6003.