Appliance Multi


Quickly covers all surfaces of removable appliances, no matter what the material. No etching, no bonding agents, no light curing necessary.

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NOTE: DentaSEAL Appliance Multi is used for new appliances only to avoid cross-contamination.

DentaSEAL Appliance Multi’s applicator tip is pre-loaded with enough material to coat two full denture plates including gingival areas, multiple All-On-Fours, or multiple removable or fixed appliances including bridges, aligners, retainers, mouthguards, nightguards, CPAP tools, etc.

Without etching or curing, our material quickly bonds to any type of substrate, whether natural or synthetic. Just “paint” the surfaces and then vigorously buff to achieve the thinnest layer possible.

DentaSEAL Appliance Multi is extremely durable and effective in reducing biofilm buildup, repelling stains and reducing odors. Patients will experience easier cleaning, better oral hygiene and fresher breath.

*DentaSEAL products material is inert, non-toxic, and its medical-grade silicone oil is produced in an ISO-certified facility.