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Protect to Prevent!

Designed by a dentist, DentaSEAL products are a revolutionary new way to coat and protect your patients’ teeth, restorations or appliances.

Unlike the current sealant you are using, our proprietary coating requires no etching, no bonding agents, or light curing. DentaSEAL products quickly create a strong and durable chemical (covalent) bond that counters biofilm buildup to assist in averting caries, repel stains, and can quickly mitigate sensitivity pain.
When applied to fixed or removable appliances, your patients will find they have less buildup, cleaning them is quick and easy, stains are repelled and odors are reduced. DentaSEAL products keep appliances fresher while extending their life.

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DentaSEAL has officially launched! See our press release here.

Why Choose DentaSEAL Products?

DentaSEAL products are transparent, tasteless, and odorless. This next-generation silicate protectant can be applied to the surface of the tooth or any other substrate, whether natural or synthetic, to reduce biofilm buildup. Its hydrophobic formula impedes bacteria’s ability to adhere and cause disease.

DentaSEAL Protect can be applied chairside to mitigate sensitivity pain. It is fast-acting and long-lasting. When patients with sensitivity pain find relief right there, in the chair, they tell family and friends about this amazing product! Get ready to book a lot more appointments!

DentalSEAL Appliance Multi can be applied to all fixed or removable prostheses. Our coating reduces odors and impedes the buildup of bacteria, biofilm, and plaque, making dentures, aligners, retainers, mouthguards (etc) easier and faster to clean – no more scrubbing or grinding!

“My kids love the way their teeth feel. They tell me, “Mommy, my teeth are slippery!” Thank you, DentaSEAL Protect, for keeping my family’s teeth healthy and bright!”

Alicia S, age 35

“This has greatly reduced my usual high amount of plaque buildup. Now my cleanings are faster and easier and my gums aren’t irritated by the tartar. Finally – an answer to buildup that works for me!”

Paul S, age 42

“I have had tooth sensitivity for many years and couldn’t eat cold food or drink something hot. But from the moment my hygienist applied DentaSEAL Protect on those sensitive teeth, I haven’t had any pain at all. Now I drink and eat whatever I want – especially ice cream!”

Julie R, age 74

DentaSEAL Pro is Fast and Easy to Apply with

No Equipment to Buy!



Dry the surfaces with air gun


Apply with the applicator wand


Vigorously buff off with gauze



Appliance Multi


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Can insurance be billed for DentaSEAL products?

There are a few ways to bill for insurance coverage. Please CLICK HERE for details.

How does DentaSEAL compare to traditional dental sealants?

How different are we? VERY! Our products don’t require etching, bonding agents, or light curing. DentaSEAL products are next-gen silico-polymer coatings that form a very fast and strong chemical (covalent) bond, making them superior to traditional sealants.

All you need is DentaSEAL Protect or Appliance and some 2×2 gauze to buff off the residue. It’s that quick and easy!

You’re ready. You’re set. Get going!

Do DentaSEAL products have any side effects?

DentaSEAL Pro is an inert and non-toxic silicate protectant showing no side effects or toxicity. Our products are FDA-registered under XXXXX.

This medical-grade silicone oil is produced in an ISO-certified facility and unless there is a rare allergy to silicone, patients will not display discomfort of any type.

How long do DentaSEAL products last?

DentaSEAL products are highly durable when properly applied.

This durability is due to its strong chemical (covalent) bond which doesn’t flake, crack or peel off.

Once applied, we recommend patients consult their hygienist for their usual checkup and prophy at which time it can determine whether another application is necessary.

If there have been dental restorations, injuries, or gum loss, DentaSEAL Protect should be applied to new restorations or areas of the teeth not formerly coated.

What are the advantages of using DentaSEAL Appliance for for fixed or removable prostheses?

DentaSEAL Appliance (or Appliance Multi) provides a clear, chemically inert, and tasteless shield that reduces buildup and odors because of its highly hydrophobic properties. Buildup of bacteria, stains and food is impeded, leaving everything much easier to clean. Leave grinding and scrubbing behind, just run under warm water and wipe or brush off debris.

It’s fast and simple – dry, apply, wipe AND GO!

How well does DentaSEAL Protect work on sensitivity pain?

As long as there are no underlying pathologies, we have seen sensitivity resolution when properly applied to teeth experiencing these issues –  right then, right there, in the chair.

The durability is impressive and depending on eating and hygiene habits, patients find their sensitivity doesn’t recur before their next regularly occurring visit to the dentist.

No waiting for other “fixes” that take weeks or months. After you dry the teeth, apply the gel and vigorously buff off to get it as thin as possible, try your air gun or have them swish with cold water. They’ll be amazed it has already worked!

On what ages can I apply DentaSEAL products?

DentaSEAL products can be applied on primary teeth, permanent teeth, and all restorations made of any material, even metal.

It protects from stains and assists in mitigating sensitivity pain, repels decay-causing bacteria, plaque buildup, and the formation of calculus. And, yes, your patients are going to love you!

What can DentaSEAL Products be applied on?

DentaSEAL products can be applied on just about everything inside and outside of the mouth!

Use it on primary teeth, permanent teeth, implants, bridges, orthodontia devices including realigners, retainers, mouth guards, all removables, any type of denture and CPAP masks/pillows to assist in mitigating the buildup of biofilm and protect against the formation of plaque.

How does this help the practice to be more profitable?

The time for each prophy is reduced and since there is far less buildup and it is easily removed,  your hands suffer less of a “work-out”.

Less time = greater patient throughput = a better bottom line each day.

Today’s patients are expecting more preventive health options like DentaSEAL products and there’s no doubt they will share this remarkable compound with friends and family. Watch your patient base grow as news spreads!

DentaSEAL is your low-cost, high-return coating to Protect and Prevent and your patients will appreciate you cared enough to give them this option.

What are the ingredients?

Click here for the DentaSEAL SDS Sheet.