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Protect to Prevent!

Created by a dentist, DentaSEAL is a next-generation, modified polymer for coating and protecting your patients’ teeth, restorations, and appliances. When applied, DentaSEAL chemically binds to its targeted substrate, creating a 1-micron barrier that is translucent, odorless, and tasteless. This hydrophobic, bioinert coating not only impedes bacteria’s ability to attach to targeted substrates but its coating action can also effectively address dentinal hypersensitivity and prevent surface staining.

DentaSEAL products require no etching, bonding agents or curing, making it easy to apply to any dry surface. It creates a fast-acting chemical bond within 60 seconds and can last for 12 months or longer. DentaSEAL is available in DentaSEAL Protect, for single-patient use, and DentaSEAL Multi, for all new (unworn) prosthetics and appliances.

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DentaSEAL has officially launched! See our press release here.

Why Choose DentaSEAL Products?

DentaSEAL’s easy-to-apply coating inhibits bacteria and food particles from effectively sticking to the treated oral substrate. By interfering with bacterial and particle adhesion, DentaSEAL can improve your patients’ daily oral hygiene practices of brushing and flossing, and with far less plaque buildup, regular cleanings are faster and less intensive.
DentaSEAL Protect’s stain-resistant polymer effectively repels common stains such as coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and juices due to its hydrophobic qualities that shield teeth, restorations, and all appliances from stain-causing foods and beverages.

Whether it is exposure of dentinal tubules subsequent to loss of enamel or
due to gingival recession, DentaSEAL Protect binds tenaciously to enamel and hydroxyapatite creating a barrier against stimuli that cause sensitivity. Its fast-acting chemical bond requires no etching, bonding agents or light curing and is long-lasting with patients staying sensitive-free for up to one year. Use DentaSEAL Protect today to help your patients enjoy their favorite foods and beverages without the threat of pain and discomfort. When patients with sensitivity pain find relief right there, in your chair, they tell family and friends about this amazing product! Get ready to book a lot more appointments!

DentaSEAL Multi can be applied to any new fixed or removable oral prosthetic or appliance to help prevent malodor, plaque buildup and staining. By providing patients with a long-lasting barrier of protection, DentaSEAL will not only improve daily cleanings and overall maintenance, but it will also lead to better denture and appliance hygiene, increased patient compliance and greater patient satisfaction.
Simply apply with our wand applicator to dry surfaces, and buff with gauze to create a micro-thin later to protect dentures, aligners, retainers, mouthguards, nightguards, and even CPAP pillows. Debris and buildup are greatly lessened and removing any light adherences is as easy as running under water and easily brushing off.

“My kids love the way their teeth feel. They tell me, “Mommy, my teeth are slippery!” Thank you, DentaSEAL Protect, for keeping my family’s teeth healthy and bright!”

Alicia S, age 35

“This has greatly reduced my usual high amount of plaque buildup. Now my cleanings are faster and easier and my gums aren’t irritated by the tartar. Finally – an answer to buildup that works for me!”

Paul S, age 42

“I have had tooth sensitivity for many years and couldn’t eat cold food or drink something hot. But from the moment my hygienist applied DentaSEAL Protect on those sensitive teeth, I haven’t had any pain at all. Now I drink and eat whatever I want – especially ice cream!”

Julie R, age 74

DentaSEAL Pro is Fast and Easy to Apply with

No Equipment to Buy!



Dry the surfaces with air gun


Apply with the applicator wand


Vigorously buff off with gauze



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Can insurance be billed for DentaSEAL products?

There are a few ways to bill for insurance coverage. Please CLICK HERE for details.

How does DentaSEAL compare to dental sealants and other preventatives?

How different are we? VERY! Our products don’t require etching, bonding agents, or light curing. DentaSEAL products are next-gen silico-polymer coatings that form a very fast and strong chemical
(covalent) bond to the target surface, making them superior to traditional preventatives. All you need is a pathology free, clean dry surface, DentaSEAL and some 2×2 gauze to buff off the residue. It’s that quick and easy! You’re ready. You’re set. Get going!

How long do DentaSEAL products last?

DentaSEAL’s durability is impressive and depending on your patients’ eating and hygiene habits, they can be sensitive-free for up to 12 months, with some patients showing even longer-lasting effects. Just “dry, apply and buff” and your patients will be amazed by fast-acting and long-lasting DentaSEAL!

What are the advantages of using DentaSEAL Protect or Multi on fixed or removable prosthetics and oral appliances?

DentaSEAL Protect and Multi provide a clear, odorless and tasteless coating that effectively shields from the adherence of bacteria, stains, malodor and food debris to the surfaces of any oral prosthetic or appliance. This leaves surfaces much easier to clean, eliminating the need for prolonged soaking, scrubbing and grinding. All patients have to do is gently brush surfaces under warm running water. It’s that simple and effective.

How well does DentaSEAL Protect work on sensitivity pain?

As long as there are no underlying pathologies, we have seen very fast pain resolution when properly applied to teeth experiencing sensitivity – right then, right there, in the chair.
DentaSEAL’s durability is impressive, and depending on your patients’ eating and hygiene habits, they can be sensitive-free for up to 12 months with some patients showing lasting effects for even longer.
No more waiting for other “fixes” that can take weeks or months to act. Just “dry, apply and buff” and watch your patients’ amazement at DentaSEAL’s fast-acting and long-lasting performance!

What surfaces can DentaSEAL be applied to?

DentaSEAL products can be applied on all primary and permanent teeth, fixed and removable prosthetics, and all oral appliances including aligners, retainers and mouthguards to mitigate the buildup of biofilm/plaque, malodors, food debris, mitigate sensitivity, and prevent staining.

How does this help the practice to be more profitable?

With far less plaque buildup, any light accumulation will be easier to remove. This results in noticeably reduced time and intensity spent on patients.
Less time = greater patient throughput = a better bottom line each day.
Patients today are expecting more preventive health options like DentaSEAL and there’s no doubt they will want to share this remarkable preventative treatment with friends and family. Watch your patient base grow as news spreads! DentaSEAL is your low-cost, high-return Protect to Prevent solution you and your patients have been waiting for!

What are the ingredients?

Click here for the DentaSEAL SDS Sheet.